Tripps Travel Network Lists the Most Romantic Spots in Mexico

Tripps Travel Network Lists the Most Romantic Spots in Mexico

Mexico is a place that offers much to tourists who are in the mood for romance, and Tripps Travel Network shares some of the places to set the stage.

Tripps Travel Network has compiled a list of the most romantic spots in Mexico for anyone who wants a little more passion in their life.  This country is known for friendly faces and amazing scenery, so come feel the love.

Tripps Travel Network proudly shares the most romantic spots in Mexico including:

  • Los Cabos.  San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are the main cities in this area of the southernmost tip of Baja California Sur.  The desert meets the ombre blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez here.  Tripps Travel Network notes that Lover’s Beach, El Arco and Cabo Pulmo are must-sees for couples.
  • Acapulco.  See the world-renowned La Quebrada Cliff Divers jump off high cliffs into the Pacific; nighttime dives can be quite a treat too.  Acapulco Bay and Fort San Diego are other sights to check out when visiting.
  • Puerto Vallarta.  Stroll down Zona Romantica and walk among the tropical flowers growing at Vallarta Botanical Gardens.  Playa del Animas is a lovely beach for couples needing some alone time off the beaten path.
  • Manzanillo.  Tripps Travel Network explains that this resort town is the perfect escape for today’s busy couple.  Isla Navidad and Cuyutlan are two locales that can bring smiles to tourists’ faces.
  • Sayulita.  Those who crave an understated vacation without the fuss and crowds will feel right at home in this little fishing village.  A sunset cruise can create the ideal ambiance for any fiancé looking to pop the question.
  • Mazatlán.  Known as the “Pearl of the Pacific,” this large seaport offers much to see and do.  Couples can ride horses along picturesque beaches, sunbathe at Olas Altas and take an evening stroll along Playa Los Cerritos.

When love is in the air, head on down to Mexico.  Tripps Travel Network shares some of the most romantic spots in this country so couples will know where to go.  Leave cares behind, grab a loved one and embrace the warm culture that abounds in Mexico.

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Tripps Travel Network Highlights Vegas’ Best Museums

Tripps Travel Network Highlights Vegas’ Best Museums

Not everything is gambling or drinking. You can find some cool museums

Tripps Travel Network shares a hidden asset of Las Vegas— museums.  This fun city can present knowledge in an exciting and warm way for tourists looking for that something extra.

Tripps Travel Network encourages travelers to learn more about Nevada at several local museums. The Clark County Museum offers a ghost town and tour of historic homes.  The Nevada State Railroad Museum gives guests the opportunity take a train trip to Boulder City.  Visitors can learn about the mining industry, fossils, geology and much more at the Nevada State Museum.

Use regional museums to delve into history.  The Mob Museum is a must-see, advises Tripps Travel Network.  Explore artifacts and pueblos at the Lost City Museum.  Get an upclose look at a time forgotten at Titanic: the Artifact Exhibit.

Tripps Travel Network suggests that guests can get in touch with nature at the Springs Preserve.  The Las Vegas Natural History Museum offers visitors the chance to learn all about animals, marine life and prehistoric creatures.  Observe the beauty in a desert oasis at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory and Botanical Gardens.

If vehicles are of interest, then head over to the Auto Collections at The LINQ.  The Hollywood Cars Museum features popular vehicles from television shows and movies.

Vegas offers some unique museums as well.  Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah lets visitors access Wayne Newton’s estate.  Take a peek at the world’s largest collection of pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame.  Elvis fans can check out Graceland Presents Elvis: The Exhibition.  Madame Tussauds is a 30,000-square foot tribute to wax figures of celebrities.

Tourists with an eye for fine art have their pick of museums as well.  Martin Lawrence Galleries is filled with masterpieces.  The Marjorie Barrick Museum is home to both contemporary and Pre-Columbian art.  Tripps Travel Network adds that sculptures can be seen at the Art of Richard McDonald.  The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art displays the work of many celebrated artists.

Tripps Travel Network is proud to highlight some of the lesser-known attractions of Vegas.  Museums can add another element to any vacation, especially in this part of Nevada.

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Tripps Travel Network Shares Information on Traveling Safely

Tripps Travel Network Shares Information on Traveling Safely

Tripps Travel Network Shares Information on Traveling Safely

Tripps Travel Network shares safety information that begins when you pack to help avoid becoming a target when traveling in a new location.  Do not dress in a way that could mark you as an affluent tourist.  Expensive looking jewelry, for instance, can draw the wrong attention.

Always try to travel light.  You can move more quickly and will be more likely to have a free hand.  You will also be less tired and less likely to set your luggage down, leaving it unattended.

Carry the minimum number of valuables, and plan places to conceal them.  Your passport, cash and credit cards are most secure when locked in a hotel safe.  When you have to carry them on your person, you may wish to put them each in a different place rather than all in one wallet or pouch.  Avoid handbags, fanny packs and outside pockets that are easy targets for thieves.

If you wear glasses, Tripps Travel Network advises to pack an extra pair.  Pack them and any medicines you need in your carry-on luggage. To avoid problems when passing through customs, keep medicines in their original, labeled containers.

Tripps Travel Network suggests packing an extra set of passport photos along with a photocopy of your passport’s information page to make a replacement of your passport easier in the event it is lost or stolen.

Put your name, address and telephone numbers inside and outside of each piece of luggage. Use covered luggage tags to avoid casual observation of your identity or nationality.  If possible, lock your luggage. Though security may require you to keep it unlocked. For more information please visit

Tripps Travel Network Showcases Top Vegas Musical Performances for January 2016

Tripps Travel Network Showcases Top Vegas Musical Performances

Tripps Travel Network Showcases Top Vegas Musical Performances

Tripps Travel Network knows that Las Vegas is the best place to find world-class entertainment options that are perfect additions to any vacation. From hilarious comedians to mesmerizing stage shows, Las Vegas has it all. One of the most popular attractions that the city offers travelers is a constant flow of music industry All Stars who are always passing through. Tripps Travel Network is highlighting three of these upcoming concerts in an effort to help travelers plan their Las Vegas vacation around these unforgettable performances.

From January 19th through the 27th, Sir Elton John is set to perform at The Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace. Elton John is a music industry legend, having sold more than 300 million records, and amassing over fifty Top 40 hits. From 1970 to 2001 Elton John had at least one song in the Billboard Hot 100 listings. The sixty-eight year-old musician was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1998 for his work in the music industry as well as with charitable organizations. The hour-and-a-half long show at The Coliseum will feature some of Sir Elton John’s best classics and Tripps Travel Network knows that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for his fans.

Jennifer Lopez is putting on a set of performances at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater between January 20th and February 6th. Tripps Travel Network points out that the ninety-minute show begins at 9’oclock at night, and is open for adults and children over the age of six. The music diva is putting on twenty shows during her stay in Las Vegas and that gives travelers plenty of options to catch this undoubtedly energetic performance that will have travelers singing the whole way home.

At House of Blues at Mandalay Bay, An Intimate Evening with Santana Greatest Hits Live is a performance that is sure to top off any Las Vegas vacation experience. Tripps Travel Network directs travelers to House of Blues on January 27th at 8pm to catch this hour-and-a-half long musical performance. Drink and ticket specials are available, so travelers are encouraged to plan ahead. As the name of the concert implies, Santana will perform some of his greatest hits spanning his five decade long career.

From the cinematic music of Elton John, to the high-energy pop of Jennifer Lopez, to the smooth blues rock of Santana, Tripps Travel Network knows that Las Vegas offers travelers of all types options for a musical vacation experience that simply cannot be found anywhere else. For more information please visit

Tripps Travel Network Unveils Three Top Ski Resorts to Visit this Winter Season

Tripps Travel Network is a luxury vacation provider that makes traveling a real pleasure and offers its valued members advice on how to best pack for their winter travels.

Tripps Travel Network is a luxury vacation provider that makes traveling a real pleasure and offers its valued members advice on how to best pack for their winter travels.

Tripps Travel Network knows that many people are excited for winter. Between the holidays and all of the fun activities to participate in throughout the year, winter is a truly magical time. Tripps Travel Network is now releasing a list of some of the top ski resorts for winter enthusiasts to visit this time of the year.

 Park City, Utah

Host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Park City, Utah offers premier winter entertainment. A three-minute drive from the Salt Lake City Airport makes this resort easily accessible. With an abundance of snow, Park City allows for winter bliss that even novice skiers will enjoy. Tripps Travel Network urges vacationers to take a zip around the track of the four-man bobsled run at the Utah Olympic Park at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. With hundreds of trails to choose from at the three ski areas – Park City, Deer Valley and the Canyons – this location has something for everyone. Skiing is not all this winter wonderland has to offer though; dogsledding, hot-air balloon rides and the Old Town district attract visitors year-round.

  • Vail, Colorado

Known for the amazing back bowls – a magical snow covered treeless area and the serpentine Riva Ridge – Vail is a must-visit for skiers of any level. Skiers and snowboarders enjoy the view from an 11,570-foot peak with perfect powder all the way down. Geared towards not only hard-core thrill seekers, Vail also offers a kids’ snowmobile track, an ice-skating rink 10,000 feet up the mountain, a tubing hill and Kids Adventure Zones. Tripps Travel Network suggests that visitors take a look at the resort’s website for special deals and activities that occur.

  • Smugglers’ Notch, Vermont

Many of the ski runs at Smuggler’s Notch are child-friendly including three of their own Green Mountains and a Magic Learning Trail offering exhibit panels where children can learn about winter animals in the area. Tripps Travel Network knows its members want more than just long days on the slopes. This resort also has an indoor pool, an outdoor skating rink, a lighted snow-tubing hill and family entertainment each night. What really makes this location so family-friendly is its commitment to turning young inexperienced skiers into self-assured and confident enthusiasts.

Tripps Travel Network shares that a winter vacation to any one of these destinations is sure to be a hit with families everywhere. For more information about the vacation services that Tripps Travel Network provides, visit

Tripps Travel Network Updates Winter Packing Tips for 2015/16 Season

Tripps Travel Network is providing tips for packing this winter

Tripps Travel Network is providing tips for packing this winter

For winter travelers, Tripps Travel Network has a fresh list for this year concerning what kinds of clothing to pack for a cool-weather trip and some additional general guidelines about how to pack efficiently for any trip.

Tripps Travel Network has some clothing tips that can save travelers time and trouble. The travel club suggests that when the weather turns cool, it is smartest to pack dark-colored clothing items rather than light-colored ones. What seems like an insignificant detail can pay handsome dividends. Darker colors also don’t look dirty after just one wearing.

More importantly, those who limit their trip clothing to just two or three dark colors have an easier time finding tops and bottoms that match.

Small things mean a lot on trips, which is why Tripps Travel Network also advises those in transit to avoid bulky coats and jackets in favor or lightweight layers. Layered clothing not only warms the body more efficiently, but saves space in suitcases and backpacks.

For those who want to bring along a specialty travel book, they should remember to photocopy only the pages needed and leave the bulky book at home. There’s no reason to pack a five-pound tome when just a dozen or so pages are needed. Tripps Travel Network recommends culling through potential luggage carefully and only packing the essential items.

Rolling shirts, sweaters and pants is a good way to keep them wrinkle-free during a trip. And for a simple, inexpensive way to keep packed clothing smelling fresh, Tripps Travel Network suggests placing one or two dryer sheets in each piece of luggage.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” list of the best clothing to pack for a winter trip, but Tripps Travel Network experts say that 90 percent of winter tourists should consider the following as a minimum clothing ration when packing: one pair of jeans, one or two long- and short-sleeve t-shirts, a couple of more formal dress shirts, one pair of pajamas or sweats, a fleece jacket, two pairs of lightweight pants, one sweatshirt, one windbreaker, a half-dozen pairs of underwear and socks, at least one pair of good walking or hiking shoes or boots, and (for women) two bras.

There is no universal list of what or how to pack for a winter trip, but Tripps Travel Network offers the above recommendations as general guidelines for cold-weather U.S. travel in the 2015/16 season.

Tripps Travel Network is an industry leader that provides its members with the best in customer service and accommodations around the world. People who are looking to put together their ideal vacation know that Tripps Travel Network can provide the expertise and inventory to make it happen. To learn more, visit

Tripps Travel Network Reveals Top Tips for Packing Light this November

Top Tips for Packing Light this November

Top Tips for Packing Light this November

It is widely known that airlines are charging more for checked bags than ever before. In fact, some airlines are going so far as to charge money for carry-on bags as well. It is for this reason that Tripps Travel Network is sharing some insider tips and tricks on how to pack light and avoid some of these fees when taking a fall vacation.

Invest in a lightweight bag.

Some of the pieces of luggage that people buy can weigh up to 22 pounds on their own. When checking in a piece of luggage, the weight limit is usually 50 points, meaning that the amount of clothing and other necessities that travelers can bring has been cut down right off the bat. It is better to invest in a lightweight and easily maneuverable piece of luggage, even if it is a little more expensive, in order to be able to bring more on the flight instead of having to check in more than one piece of luggage shares Tripps Travel Network

Pack clothing that is versatile.

One mistake that travelers make time and time again is that they pack too much clothing. While there are several ways to combat this mistake, packing mix-and-match clothing is a great way to reduce the amount of items that will be packed. In addition, instead of packing a sweater and a heavy coat, it may be better to pack a hooded sweatshirt, reducing the need for two heavy items in favor of one that is more flexible.

Leave the big bottles behind.
Instead of packing whole bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other toiletries, Tripps Travel Network advises travelers to stick with travel-sized versions of their favorite items. Small bottles can even be bought to fill with their favorite brand if a travel size bottle is not readily available.

Wash clothes while on vacation.

While no one is dying to do laundry while they are on vacation, if a washing machine and dryer are readily available, Tripps Travel Network recommends washing clothes and reusing them in order to save space in luggage.

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Tripps Travel Network Highlights Top Europe Travel Tips

Top Europe Travel Tips

Top Europe Travel Tips


When travelers think about having an unforgettable dream vacation, many of them think of Europe first and foremost. Many of the world’s most beloved destinations are found on this continent from London to Athens. Tripps Travel Network wants to ensure that each and every time any traveler takes a vacation they are able to appreciate it fully, and knows that when travelers have a little extra advice on planning a getaway to these destinations, they can craft a spectacular vacation. For that reason, the travel expert shares its favorite Europe tips below to help Europe bound individuals.

  1. Visit more than one destination: Going on a tour of Europe can be an extraordinary experience. Tripps Travel Network encourages travelers to get a train ticket to explore several amazing European cities in comfort and style. This is a great way to see many of Europe’s unforgettable and amazing attractions and will allow travelers to immerse themselves in several amazing cultures. A trip like this is rare but unforgettable and should definitely be considered by those who are thinking about heading to Europe on their next vacation.
  2. Make reservations: No European vacation is complete without seeing world renowned attractions and historical sites like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, or the Coliseum. However, Tripps Travel Network says that it is important for travelers to remember that these attractions can get every very busy, especially during peak seasons of travel. Travelers should make reservations or buy tickets in advance whenever they can to make sure that when they go to see such attractions they do not get stuck in long lines or miss the attraction all together. Booking a tour in advance may also be a great way to ensure that travelers can see these attractions on their trips.
  3. Get lost in history:  Most cities in Europe have a vast and rich history, and travelers should be certain to take advantage of this when they visit these destinations. When they visit amazing sites they can see history come to life and get an idea of how the civilians of the past once lived. History can be experienced in some of Europe’s famous museums as well. Missing out on these historical offerings on a vacation in Europe is a tragedy so travelers should always make time to visit these sites whenever they vacation.

Every vacation can be a dream vacation when travelers take advantage of great advice and tips that will make it very easy to make a vacation truly memorable. When travelers use these tips they will be able to see the best of Europe and will make sure that the trip they dreamed of becomes a reality. For information on planning a great European vacation to any of the many amazing destinations that are found there visit

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

Top Places to Visit in San Francisco

The fall time is when people escape the mundane confines of their hometown and set out to find a new adventure. With so many travel destinations to go to, it can be hard to select the right one. This fall, Tripps Travel Network reviews the great city of San Francisco, located in the northern part of California. With reasonable temperatures and great places to visit, San Francisco is ideal for any traveler.

One of the greatest and most feared prisons of all time is located right off the city of San Francisco. Alcatraz used to be a maximum-security prison, hosting only the most dangerous and insane criminals back in the 1800s. However, now it is a great place for tourists to spend several hours walking the isolated island, learning more about the history and admiring its terrific views of the water and of the city. Visitors can take a quick boat ride to the island, where they have ample time to explore the prison and its grounds, which are now covered by bright and vivid flowers. Those who choose to can take a guided audio tour through the prison, where they will have a brightly painted picture of what happened there over a hundred years ago.

 Tripps Travel Network reviews The Golden Gate Bridge, an icon for San Francisco and is frequently featured in movies and on television shows. When visiting the Bay areas, guests must check out this infamous bridge up close and personal. All tourists to the area must check out this historic landmark and take a picture in front of its massive structure. For more information on the services that Tripps Travel Network provides visit

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Famous Sites in San Antonio

Famous Sites in San Antonio

Famous Sites in San Antonio


Home to the famous Alamo with a rich history to boot, Tripps Travel Network reviews San Antonio, Texas, a great city to visit to explore landmarks, attractions, shops, and more. Because there is so much to do in the home of the Alamo, visitors will surely have a wonderful time in San Antonio.

The Alamo is a landmark in American history, and visitors are lucky enough to be able to tour the historic building and learn more about its past. Tourists are able to walk through the building itself and explore a range of exhibits and attractions that the Alamo has to offer. A variety of tours are available, dependent on what the guest would like to know about. Knowledgeable tour guides show visitors through the Alamo on its surrounding grounds, providing a history of the site. Those who wish to travel more freely can purchase an audio tour that will give them a chance to learn more about the building as well. Visitors can also explore the Wall of History, the Long Barrack Museum, Alamo Gardens, Alamo Gift Shop, and much more. This is definitely a must for those visiting the San Antonio area.

Tripps Travel Network reviews the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium which boasts many exhibits, animals, and sea creatures for people to explore. The park is home to all different types of species that include amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds. There are also an assortment of exhibits that are more interactive and include Gibbon Forest, Amazonia, and The Nature Spot. With so many different attractions, people of all ages will enjoy a day at The San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium. To learn more, visit