Tripps Travel Network knows that as you’re planning your vacation you are looking for ways to get the possible deals, and some of the most expensive purchases are airfare. This is why Tripps Travel Network has come up with several ways that you can get the most affordable airfare prices, so you can save yourself money and still have a fabulous vacation.

The first thing that you need to do is plan ahead and book as soon as possible. Although some people wait until the last minute, it is much easier to find savings early. Also, when you book your flights early you can plan your vacation around your flights, which makes your more flexible. In booking airlines, having flexible flying dates means that you can save a ton of money.

Another thing that you need to look at are the days of the week that you ant to fly. If you choose to fly on the weekend it is going to more expensive than if you choose to fly on a Wednesday. You should also think about flying red-eyes because they are cheaper, and offer additional travel options. A lot of people avoid red-eyes so you should have no problem finding seats and the prices are worth it.

There is no exact amount of time that you should book your flight, but the consensus is a month before the day you need to fly. Tripps Travel Network understands that this way you have plenty of time to change anything if something does go wrong, but if it is a holiday season you are going to need to book 1-3 months in advance just to be on the safe side.