Top Tips for Packing Light this November

Top Tips for Packing Light this November

It is widely known that airlines are charging more for checked bags than ever before. In fact, some airlines are going so far as to charge money for carry-on bags as well. It is for this reason that Tripps Travel Network is sharing some insider tips and tricks on how to pack light and avoid some of these fees when taking a fall vacation.

Invest in a lightweight bag.

Some of the pieces of luggage that people buy can weigh up to 22 pounds on their own. When checking in a piece of luggage, the weight limit is usually 50 points, meaning that the amount of clothing and other necessities that travelers can bring has been cut down right off the bat. It is better to invest in a lightweight and easily maneuverable piece of luggage, even if it is a little more expensive, in order to be able to bring more on the flight instead of having to check in more than one piece of luggage shares Tripps Travel Network

Pack clothing that is versatile.

One mistake that travelers make time and time again is that they pack too much clothing. While there are several ways to combat this mistake, packing mix-and-match clothing is a great way to reduce the amount of items that will be packed. In addition, instead of packing a sweater and a heavy coat, it may be better to pack a hooded sweatshirt, reducing the need for two heavy items in favor of one that is more flexible.

Leave the big bottles behind.
Instead of packing whole bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other toiletries, Tripps Travel Network advises travelers to stick with travel-sized versions of their favorite items. Small bottles can even be bought to fill with their favorite brand if a travel size bottle is not readily available.

Wash clothes while on vacation.

While no one is dying to do laundry while they are on vacation, if a washing machine and dryer are readily available, Tripps Travel Network recommends washing clothes and reusing them in order to save space in luggage.

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