Tripps Travel Network Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the Netherlands. It is full of architecture and history and has many great sites to see and attractions to visit. While these alone may make Amsterdam a great vacation choice for you, Tripps Travel Network knows that no vacation to Amsterdam is complete without seeing and experiencing the canals and all the diverse sights and foods it has to offer.

The city is full of these waterways, and they give it its character. There are some ways to experience them, from boating down in a little rowboat, taking a tour cruise like the one seen above, or simply walking along peacefully beside it. The one thing about Amsterdam it is a great starting point with resort provided by your friends at Tripps Travel Network can get you from there you can continue your voyage and explore another part of Holland since the country is not that small.

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Red light district in Amsterdam

Each town has one day per week where they have local markets and taking the delectables back to your condo is the best. You find that the Dutch have many people from other countries who have settled there and the street food is some of the best in the world. So many choices and they all taste so good. Another great tip from your friends at Tripps is checking this website for more information on what happening while you are there so as not miss out on a festival or some other fun-filled outing.

One great thing about Amsterdam and Holland is that it is flat, so bike rentals are all over the place and a great way to visit sights. It is a safe city and has much to offer and for those that might want some risque sights to check out the Red light district no other place in the world has anything like this. It can be seedy and nasty as can imagine but it is safe. Stay on main streets, and you will have the time of your life.

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