Tripps Travel Network Reviews know when many individuals think of the spring, they first think about the blooming flowers and colorful landscapes that this season encompasses. We know that the season brings to life some beautiful destinations all over the world and makes natural destinations especially popular. When thinking about these representations of the spring, many individuals are sure to have in mind the stunning cherry trees that blossom during the season and the festivals that are held to celebrate them. There are two destinations, in particular, this year that we highly recommend to travelers for seeing cherry blossoms.

It is undeniable that the best place in the world to see cherry blossoms in Japan. When travelers head to Tokyo or Kyoto, they can see millions of these trees as they explode into color. The country also has many local celebrations that honor these flowers and their role in the country. Tripps Travel Network Reviews shares that there are many festivals that go on all over Japanese cities especially in public parks that feature these trees. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable destination no matter when travelers visit, but when they travel to Japan in the spring, they are in for a real treat because of these celebrations.

While we know that Japan is the ideal place to see the cherry blossoms, we also understand that not every individual can travel that far. If American travelers are looking for a more accessible destination to enjoy the cherry blossoms, they can instead head to Washington D.C. These trees are featured at local attractions and monuments such as the Tidal Basin and the Jefferson Memorial. Combined, these attractions feature about 3,000 of the trees, which will be in bloom this April. The National Cherry Blossom Festival will also be held in April, making Washington D.C. an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy this traditional spring offering.

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