Tripps Travel Network is aware that when you are traveling, you need to make sure that you are carrying certain documents. A passport is required when you travel to foreign countries. Your identification may be required for a variety of things while you are traveling. Some travelers think the biggest problem they can have is if they manage to lose or have their purse or wallet was stolen that contains all of their important documents. There are a few things that travelers can do to make this something that can be quickly dealt with.

Keep things in separate places – Do not put all of your essential travel documents in one place. There are some people that do this so they will know where to find everything. The problem is that if that one piece that holds all of the documents gets lost or stolen, the traveler is in big trouble. Keeping the records separate allows you to quickly replace anything that gets lost.

Have a list of contact numbers – If something does happen to any of your documents; it is best to call the right companies to deal with the issues. A list of the contact numbers will make it easier to figure out where to call in this event.

Provide a person at home with copies of the documents – When the records are lost or stolen, you can contact that individual to help you get the information that is needed to help you replace everything quickly.

Taking a few precautions makes it easier to deal with the problems of the documents being lost or stolen. It is the smart thing to do remind the Tripps Travel Network members. So Quick hack from Tripps.

Keep your Passport in Hotel Safe

Keep wallet with minimal cash and 1 or 2 Credit cards store the rest in safety deposit box in your hotel. This way if you get robbed you don’t lose all your essentials. Try not to wear flashy bling. Stay aware of your surrounding we are living in a new world with danger surrounding us. Keep your eyes watching your surroundings and not on your cell phone. We want you to travel safe and be secure.

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