Tripps Travel Network Reviews loves to keep their many members up to date on the best locations that offer the most fun. One of these is located only a very short distance from Phoenix Arizona. The lost Dutchman gold mine has been an ongoing mystery for many years.

The Lost Dutchman State Park is a great tourist attraction and also for many treasure hunters seeking fame and fortune. In some case cases, some never see it ever again.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Treasure hunter sculpture

Tripps Travel Network goes on to mention that it continues to this day to be a mystery that has not been solved after all these years.

Located in the heart of the Superstition Springs Mountains there seems to a honeypot filled with gold. Mining enthusiasts from all over the world descend here to try their luck.

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Superstition Springs Mountains Arizona

Called the “Lost Dutchman Mine” it is famous for its mystery yet the scenery is amazingly beautiful. And due to its mysterious whereabouts, it has been the quest of quite a few miners that have found their trek into the vast canyons and washes have ended in and a place of doom to unlucky searchers of this mysterious mine.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The 10 Cowboy Commandments

Thier does seem to be the strange energy of sorts lingering there.

Some refer to it as a portal. A portal to what that would be another story and no one knows for sure. The Apache Natives have occupied this land now situated on the Tonto National Forest. Rumor has it the Apaches, refer to it as The Thunder God who is protecting this mine.

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Tripps Travel Network recommends visiting Tonto National Forest

The facts will vary, and there have been numerous television shows reality-based, on trying to discover the Lost Dutchman Mine. We At Tripps Travel Network prefer our members enjoy the beauty of the State Park. It offers countless trails and great views of Superstition Mountain.

Just a short drive away you can venture down to Goldfield Ghost Town. This offers a great way to see the wild wild west.

The townspeople dress in costume era outfits and have gunfights on the main street every other hour. The whole Superstition Mountain areas are filled with all kinds of adventure. Maybe you might not want to venture miles and miles off the many trails the state park, or forest service has provided, and you will not suffer the same fate as the searchers for the Lost Dutchman gold.

Tripps Travel Network Reviews Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

Better be good in Goldfield Ghost Town or this could happen to you

But when visiting Phoenix or Scottsdale this excellent day trip that is highly recommended. Great way to spend a day and visit the old west with breathtaking scenery is a winning combination.

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