Tripps Travel Network Reviews says New York City is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the U.S. People are drawn there to ogle at big business and never-ending construction projects. You may see rich people going from shop to shop, middle-income people living in ghettos, or beggars hanging out on corners. One such beggar disguises himself as an up and coming artist. Scam artists sometimes pose as rappers who want to pass out their new CD to the general public for free. Perhaps you are genuinely interested, polite, or just feeling bullied, and you take it from him. He then kindly autographs it for you. Then you find yourself surrounded by bouncers who insist you pay $15 for the valuable merchandise.

Your travel agency could warn you about such scams through its scam prevention team, but you may find yourself drawn in any way. The Jeanette Bunn, Travel To Go scam reduction squad recommends that you gently put the CD on the ground at this point, and leave the scene if possible. Hopefully, the area is not so vacant that you are openly robbed. Scam artists will usually be sneakier about their intention and instead pressure you into paying the money by feigning some misunderstanding while his cronies gradually move in. Just be aware of what your surroundings are and check with your front desk for where to visit and of course places to avoid.

When visiting New York Manhattan is a must see and taking a ferry Ride to Liberty Island and of course, check out the beautiful Statue of Liberty is awe inspiring. Ellis Island is another must see and also don’t forget the riverboats that offer party cruises to see the city at night. So many things to see and such little time. Have fun and safe travels, wish you Tripps Travel Network.

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