Tripps Travel Network knows that there are many places to travel to this summer. With so many places that possess a rich culture and history, it can be hard to choose where to vacation.

Tripps Travel Network suggests, however, San Antonio, Texas, is a city that has all this and much, much more. From the iconic Alamo That the words Rember the Alamo hold trues for so many patriots, this is a piece of history that dates back to early 1700 during a period called the Mission Period. Then in 1794 became the decline of the Spanish ruling. In the years 1822 to the years 1835 was the period known as the Mexican Texas era.

Tripps Travel Network knows that there are many places to travel to this summer.

Then, of course, came the great Texas revolution that only lasted one year.So much history to see it truly is inspiring at how this piece of history is still standing today. Tripps Travel Network also suggests a trip to the performing sea creatures at Sea World; tourists will have an easy time finding so many things to do in San Antonio.

The San Antonio River Walk has been stated as the number one tourist attraction in Texas, and this is not hard to imagine once guests get a glimpse of what all it has to offer. From high-end shopping to a lively nightlife to delicious cuisine, this stretch provides an unforgettable experience for those who visit. Many attractions also take place on the River Walk, some of which include the Witte Museum and Splashdown San Antonio. Witte Museum provides visitors a chance to look into the history of the rich Southern Texas heritage with many exhibits and programs. Splashdown San Antonio is a water park that ensures fun for all ages.

With over 20 different aquatic attractions, cabanas, events, and more, Splashdown is an excellent attraction for families of all ages.   SeaWorld San Antonio is a must to view the majestic performing sea creatures that both kids and adults will enjoy. Aside from the many interactive exhibits and performances, Tripps Travel Network states that there are many thrilling water rides to go on as well. The combination of exhilarating rides and impressive performances will surely leave travelers with a memorable experience. We wish you all safe travel with your friends at Tripps Travel Network.