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The iconic Golden Gate Bridge leads you into San Francisco and its wealth of attractions including a flourishing Chinatown district and the famous Alcatraz Island.

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Golden Gate Bridge

These landmarks and the city’s portrayal in numerous movies, music videos, and popular culture make it recognizable around the world.

With many hills within the city limits, with the tallest being Mount Davidson at 925 feet high.

Tripps Travel Network reviews all the stunning views that you have to enjoy. If you want a great one, try the view from the Transamerica Pyramid, which is the tallest building in San Francisco at 853 feet, making it the eighth tallest in the world. With a choice of 220 parks, there is no lack of places to relax and soak up the atmosphere. Or explore this beautiful city by riding in cable cars and visit the numerous museums that Tripps Travel Network reviews, such as the Museum of Craft & Design, Mexican Museum, Cartoon Art Museum and the Beat Museum to name a few.

If your interest is sports, there are plenty of venues to choose from, such as bicycle paths and lanes, skateboarding sites, and numerous tennis courts. Watersports are also catered for including sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing and boating along the bay, the shoreline of Ocean Breach and marina areas.

Why not take the Alcatraz Cruise and enjoy the prison experience tour? With tour ships leaving every 30 minutes during the day there is plenty of opportunities to explore the infamous prison island.

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Tripps helpful hint: Book your ticket wee in adance and do it online. You may find as you arrive the line may be long. They may also be sold out for days.

Tripps Travel Network reviews a visit to the zoo as an alternative where there are many species to visit and enjoy feeding times throughout the day.

The various neighborhoods in the San Francisco area are amazing from Haight Ashbury to the Castro district to a simple stroll done Golden gate park.

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And let’s not forget Chinatown there is no other place like it in the USA.

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