Tripps Travel Network reviews Santa Ana, California, a city full of arts and entertainment. Rich in culture and diversity, Santa Ana is a guaranteed destination that will enrich your life.Tripps Travel Network reviews Santa Ana has plenty of beautiful crafts and memorable shows that will be talked about for years to come. Santa Ana is home to the largest interactive dinner theatre show. Held at one of Santa Ana’s local theatre’s this is pure entertainment you wouldn’t want to miss. The Dinner Detective includes mind-boggling cases, tongue-twisting stories and makes believe acting.

If you consider yourself an art connoisseur, Tripps Travel Network reviews the Grand Central Art Center and the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. Both of these art galleries feature paintings from local artists. After viewing beautiful portraits and fine arts, visit the home of the 50 monkeys. Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park is home to over 1,000 animals. The zoo’s specialty is housing endangered monkeys. Tripps Travel Network reviews one of the zoos very famous exhibits: the Colors of the Amazon Aviary. You wouldn’t want to visit the zoo and not experience this. This exhibition allows you to interact with several different types of unique birds. Another cool adventure seeking activity you should see is the Rainforest Adventure Maze. It is an educational experience that gives you the feel of what it is like to walk through the Amazon Rainforest. While you are along for the ride, there will be four interactive stations with questions about the Rainforest. But! Be careful, if you answer the questions wrong, you will turn the wrong direction and have to start again. Another great stop in Santa Ana is the Lyons Air and Space Museum. Check out this rare Red 1935 Duesenberg Model J displayed at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana California United States. It was used during World War II.

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