Tripps Travel Network is an industry-leading vacation provider that offers members excellent advice for their travels. Whether it is suggestions about the top attractions at destinations around the globe or information on what to pack, Tripps Travel Network strives to ensure that its members are well informed and prepared. To help vacationers navigate the airport better, providing tips on how to make getting through the security checkpoints at airports more comfortable and more hassle-free than ever before.

1. Dress accordingly
Preparing for airport security begins before travelers even leave the house. Tripps Travel Network reminds travelers they will have to take their shoes off and send them through an x-ray machine. Wearing tennis shoes with laces can create problems and take time to both take on and take off, which could potentially hold up the security line and create unnecessary stress. Therefore, when dressing for a flight, it is advisable to plan on wearing slip-on shoes.

2. Separate liquids
Tripps Travel Network reminds travelers to be aware of the regulations regarding traveling with liquids. It is always best to place any liquids in checked luggage because there are no limitations on checked liquids. If travelers wish to bring liquids in their carry-on luggage or purses, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has limitations for what can be carried on the airplane. The TSA uses the slogan 3-1-1 for carry-on liquids. Passengers are allowed one clear, quart-sized plastic bag with containers as big as 3.4 ounces of liquid. Once at the security checkpoint, this bag must be removed and x-rayed separately in a bin. By taking the extra step to separate all liquids and pre-place them in a plastic bag, issues at security can be avoided. It is important to note that medications, baby food, and formula, as well as breast milk, are exempt from these limitations.

3. Plan on getting there early
When flying, it is essential to allow lots of time at the airport to get through the security checkpoint. Especially during holidays and other occasions of heavy travel, getting to the airport two or even three hours early will eliminate the stress of nearly missing flights. Travelers may have lots of time to spare at the gate, so Tripps Travel Network encourages fliers to bring some entertainment with them.

Tripps Travel Network, a luxury vacation provider, is happy to provide the above tips to ensure that each flight is stress-free. Travelers who want personalized service and attention to detail from an industry-leading vacation club should contact Tripps Travel Network today.

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