Tripps Travel Network travelers who want to explore the remarkable sites of nature around the world can visit Europe to personally witness the awe-inspiring sights of snowcapped mountains surrounded by forests. Tripps Travel Network knows that they are undoubtedly the perfect way to preserve memories through picture taking. The visits alone will be memorable, as travelers can take in the surroundings and be taken away by thoughts of how nature can be shaped in such remarkable ways. Going off the beaten path to enjoy natural beauty is most certainly the perfect activity for any traveler to have the higher appreciation for a place. One our favorite spots in France is the Loire Valley. With so many old Abbeys and Castles, they represent a time gone by is so historical and beautiful at the same time. The lavender fields are something to behold and the laid-back nature, and friendliness of the townspeople, unlike the big cities, are amazing.

 Tripps Travel Network: The snow-Capped Mountains of Europe

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There is something to be said when you can sit and have a fresh cup of strong coffee and a croissant for breakfast and spend the touring around and visiting these tiny little hamlets. Some castles in the Loire Valley is impressive they have over 30 or so locations that you can spend hours exploring what life was like in years gone by.

From one village to next is a different experience that is so laid back it turns out to be a relaxing holiday. Going to markets and going back to you Tripps Travel Network condo and sipping Champagne that cost you 5 Euros a bottle and 3 euros for wine cant be beat. A word of advice if you are a baguette fan wake up early as the French take their bread and pastry very seriously, and then you will find by 10 am all is sold out. For the best of time to visit is Spring and Fall the crowds are less and the scenery is the best, and by far you are avoiding the crowds. Be safe always keeps your eyes aware of your surroundings, but the French countryside is must-see bucket list adventure.