Tripps Travel Network members enjoy the Rocky Mountain tour of Canada as it provides the most striking view of this earth. The Rockies stretch over Idaho and Montanan and are home to several National Parks. For the outdoor sports enthusiastic, who really enjoy hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing in its beautiful outdoors the Canadian Rockies are its real attraction. Tourists even have an option of enjoying its most exciting tours depending on their preferred activity, interest and destination.

Tripps Travel Network members say that an inside out experience of the Canadian Rockies provides opportunities for the tourists to enjoy adventurous tours suitable for all ages. There are several Whitewater rafting and Mountain biking excursions that you can enjoy as it all depends on your skill level. Tourists can even enjoy a soulful adventure in the outdoors of the Banff National Park. Its winter tours packages are packed with ice climbing, heli- skiing, ice fishing and  snowshoeing while summer fun is loaded with rock climbing, kayaking and skydiving adventures.

Tripps Travel Network knows that the tourists enjoying rafting excursions can head straight for Jasper National Park as it offers rafting fun for all experience levels. The beginners can enjoy paddle trips through its cays and small rapids. The high-end skilled rafters can take part in Whitewater rafting tours through its unpredictable waters. Tourists who want to enjoy nature in its raw form can even combine their rafting adventure with a camping trip and enjoy the overnight adventure in Jasper Nation Park.

Tripps Travel Network members say that when you plan a trip to the Canadian Rockies you should gather as much information about its weather conditions, terrain and elevation in order to pack the right clothes and equipment. Hiking boots are best to climb these rugged mountains and the best thing is that you can even rent out the quality equipment and gear that you need from its local towns in case you haven’t any.