Tripps Travel Network understands that flying with your baby might not be as hard as it sounds. If you plan and are prepared, flying with your baby can be a smooth experience that will allow your family to travel and have a great time together.

One suggestion is to plan your flight during your baby’s sleep time.  Red-eye, midnight flights might be just the way to go when traveling with a baby. If those hours of the flight are during your baby’s regular sleeping time, there is a good chance that you will have a quiet, restful, and sleepy flight.

Tripps Travel Network knows that you need to check your airline’s recommendations and requirements regarding flying with infants.  Some might require purchasing a seat, usually at a reduced rate, while others may not.  It is recommended that babies under 40 pounds have car seats. This is, however, a recommendation and for most airlines, infants under the age of two can fly free on an adults lap. Tripps Travel Network suggests that if you go for this option bring with you a sling or other soft carrier to help support your baby and to free up your hands during the flight.

If you are breastfeeding your baby, you may want to bring a blanket however the choice is yours.Consider bringing pumped milk in a bottle to prevent any unforeseen issues and to make it comfortable for everyone. Flying with children can be comfortable and then they can scream all flight long. Don’t worry this is normal and don’t be bothered if someone gives you a dirty look. We have all gone through this, and flying commercial is all part and parcel. If someone gives you an attitude, you may inform them to fly private next time and smile. Having your family with you on a trip is precious, and these are what memories are made of so don’t be afraid just try to be prepared and have the best of time. Let’s face most adult are causing more issues than people flying with infants safe travel for Tripps your network of exceptional luxury vacations

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