Tripps Travel Network recommends the Neon museum in Las Vegas, for a different and fun vacation.

Highlighting Free Las Vegas Vacation Activities with Tripps Travel Network

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For those people out there who have never visited Las Vegas before, there is one museum in the area that serves to be the perfect history lesson in a unique way. All those who visit Las Vegas’s famous neon museum will get the chance to explore iconic Las Vegas imagery, as well art, culture and more. Some people out there might not know much about what the museum has to offer, but for those who aren’t already aware, Tripps Travel Network  has got you covered.

The goal of this attraction is to showcase some of the Strip’s most recognizable lighted signs out there. The Neon Boneyard is an outdoor collection that shows off examples from now-defunct casinos, stores and more. Guided tours run through here both day and night, but aim for the night if possible to see the signs lit up in all of their glory.

This museum is a great activity for the whole family to check out. Older visitors might even remember seeing some of the signs in use when visiting Las Vegas decades ago, and the memories will bring a smile to their face. And the younger generation can take this opportunity to learn all about how Las Vegas came to be what it is today. For more information please visit